Band Of Chummers

Episode 11: The End of Camp

Season 2: Episode 2

So… Badass Army Chick meets up with us during furlough and says we have to throw the upcoming Detroit Summer Camp Wellness Retreat and Boot Camp Extreme Football League game. Thank God! It’s rough when you’re carrying a team. This is why I like being in the background. I’m just going to fake an injury and hit on that troll I’ve had my eye on. Easy Peasy.

Seriously…her name is Peasy and she’s very …VERY easy.

But camp life ain’t so easy. After beating us, the squad from the Bunny House tried punking us at the cafeteria. I had to literally fly into action and save Melora with a Phenomenal Forearm. A while back she let me squeeze her butt and where I come from, that’s a sacred bond. Our two squads descended into a brawl that ended with the Camp Counselor getting really angry with us. It was worth it though.

Plus, he couldn’t be angry at us for too long: the Paintball challenge was coming up! I have to say: the fake guns, the bug monster costumes, and prop grenades were so realistic!! Even the makeup they did on Duc Tran’s “mortal wound” was otherworldly. This place is definitely getting 5 stars on Yelp!

Unfortunately, all vacations have to end. Now we’re back to work doing security for this lab that’s trying to fuse little homeless kids with animals. As cool as that might sound, it’s no cakewalk. The living conditions suck! We all rotate with sharing beds, there’s no contact with the outside world, and we have to clean ourselves in this open communal shower where we all can see—- WAIT! Did The Baron get a Tattoo!!!??


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