Band Of Chummers

Episode 2: Best Served Cold Recap

Scene 1: The team receives a call from Tabitha Morgan asking them to meet Jaron Falcone at The Horse Trot Ranch. At the ranch, the team first meets Falcone’s assistant, Hafiz before speaking with Falcone. Falcone asks the team to retrieve Jonathan Belinkiy who was kidnapped earlier in the day. Falcone agrees to pay 2000 nuyen up front and 3500 more when Belinkiy is returned safely.

Scene 2: At the scene of the crime, the team discovers the following clues:

  • An Aztec obsidian knife worth 600 nuyen
  • Eight clove cigarette butts left in the bathroom sink
  • Belenkiy’s commlink (Transys Avalon)
  • Small pill-box of strong sleeping aids in the toiletry kit
  • Engraved pocket watch with an inscription that reveals the watch was a gift from the VP of Ares R&D Division for outstanding achievement
  • Crow’s feather wrapped in leather under the pillow

At 8:30 am, the security systems at the Horse Trot Ranch were hacked into. Falcone is relieved to report that the hacker failed to erase the surveillance footage. Surveillance footage shows that at 4:30 am, three human or elven Amerindian females entered the compound wearing light body armor and tribal masks.

Belinkiy’s absence was not noted until Falcone received the ransom demand at 9 am.

Scene 3: The Hardpan. After learning about Blackfoot, the team heads to the Hardpan looking for her. In a hostile environment, Olo casts a masking spell on Felix. Felix then sneaks into the backroom while Mellora and Zer stage a fight as a distraction. Felix finds nothing of interest before getting caught. Felix slips out the backdoor safely. The sissy slap fight ends with Zer0 shamefully leaving the premises. Mellora manages to convince Kira Blackfoot to contact her with the help of Rachel Sands. Mellora also seems to have made a friend in Neptune who is a regular at the Hardpan.

Scene 4: The team receives two calls; one from Stalker and one from Kira Blackfoot. Stalker agrees to help the team find the Azzies in the sewers but warns them about the dangers. Kira is threatened with the mentioning of the feather and is offered a chance to make a trade. Kira just disconnects the call.

Scene 5: Stalker helps the team find the Azzies in the sewers. He charges them 400 nuyen a piece. Zer0 hacks into the security system without getting caught. Olo mind controls Buster the Barghest. The team takes down four members of Los Espejos, but they do alert the rest. After a brief interrogation of Gabriel, the cell leader, the team learns that they have been tricked and Belinkiy is nowhere to be found.

Zer0 strips the main computer of its files. Inside the files, he finds mostly Aztlan propaganda. The only worthwhile information are timetables and profiles of “packages” to be delivered. Each profile is an athletic competitor from Aztlan. A matrix search of the profile names and faces confirm that the athletes are legitimate. There are also instructions on how to handle their two barghest animals, Buster and Princess.

Loot that is free for the taking:
2 Medits Rating 6
2 Armor Jackets in the weapons locker
4 Colt M23 Assault Rifles
2 Ares Predator V pistols
Printer (worth 100 nuyen)
8 Meta Link Commlinks (worth 100 nuyen)
4 Sets of low-light goggles
Disguise Kit (worth 500 nuyen)
Food, warm-weather clothes, doggy treats, ancient blu-ray discs, vitamin supplements, etc…

Scene 6: Outside of the sewers, the team gets a call from Kira Blackfoot. She promises to return Belinkiy unharmed, but after the scheduled deadline for the ransom. The team discusses a potential backup plan utilizing Olo’s magic in case they do not recover Belinkiy in time.

The team starts hitting up all their contacts, trying to fish out information that can be helpful. With some new leads, Zer0 manages to hack into Belinkiy’s commlink. He is able to find the frequency of Belinkiy’s RFID tag that Ares places in all their top executives. With this knowledge, the team quickly locates Belinkiy.

Scene 7: The team tracks down Belinkiy’s signal and find him located inside a cheap motel in a rundown part of the Sioux Sector.

After some thorough scouting by Lion-O and Olo, the team correctly deduces the location of Belinkiy and the Black Cat’s tactics. The team covers all the exits and initiatiates their plan. Zer0 hacks into a van and motorcycle to block the parking garage exit.

Somehow the Black Cats who were guarding Belinkiy are alerted and enact their escape plan. They try to escape out of the window of the third story of the motel. After Belinkiy is lowered close to the ground floor, Mellora opens fire from a sniper position and downs two of the Black Cats.

Pinned down, the rest of the Black Cats hole up in the room while they send out two Spirits of Man to deal with the attack. Spells are slung back and forth between the Spirits and the team, resulting in one of the Spirits dissipating and Felix fleeing for his life.

Zer0 gets the van and with the help of Lion-O, load Belinkiy into the back of the van. They two pick up everyone else and depart the area as quickly as possible.

Belinkiy is returned to the Horse Trot Ranch ahead of time and the team is awarded the rest of their pay.

Nuyen gain: 4,500¥
Karma gain: 8 pts
Notoriety gain: zero
Faction changes: -1 with the Azzies
Contacts gained: Jarone Falcone (Connection 3/Loyalty 1), Tabby Morgan (Connection 4/Loyalty 1)
Items gained: Belinkiy’s commlink, Ares Predator V pistol from the sewers, obsidian knife, some vitamin supplements


I was trying my best not to steal anything from these guys buy I am very interested in those ancient blu-rays. Can I identify what’s on these blu-rays and do I have the capabilities of playing them at my house? I would really like to know more about this. :D


Since they are considered junk by normal people, you find hundreds of blu-rays of old movies, tv shows and anime. There is also a working blu-ray player.

bleach16888 bleach16888

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