Band Of Chummers

Season 2, Episode 3: Bug Stomping

Saturday, May 7th, 2072

Scene 1: Surrender Da Booty. During leave, the squad has a social get-together at a pirate-themed family restaurant hosted by Carly. At the last minute, CoCo Savage decides not to go. The squad holds a beer drinking contest which is won by Jimmy Pike. Everyone celebrates Snooch Perkins’ birthday with pizza and beer.

Afterwards, most of the squad members agree to get glow-in-the-dark tattoos of the Knight Errant logo. Of the members of the Collective, only Lion-O agrees to get a tattoo which is done on his ankle.

During leave, the Collective also have a secret meeting with a Ms. Johnson about their mission objectives of gathering as much incriminating evidence of wrongdoing as they can find on their next assignment. Ms. Johnson hands them a file on their next target, Raquel Bliss.

Scene 2: The Barracks. Upon returning from a weekend of partying, the hungover squad finds an improvised bomb of balloons and jars filled with ominous substances placed in the middle of their sleeping quarters. With only 5 minutes until detonation, the squad agrees to use summoned spirits to deal with the bomb. Squad Leader Phillip McKracken casts an earth elemental to smother the bomb and then casts an air elemental to deal with the foul fumes. To clean up the mess, Phillip uses his chemistry knowledge and the chemistry labs to concoct a bunch of solvents and cleaning agents to remove the remains of the bomb.

The neighboring squad members seemed very disappointed at the minimal amount of damage that the improvised bomb caused.

Scene 3: Academy training fields, mess hall, and barracks.

Saturday, May 14th, 2072

Following Ms. Johnson’s directions, members of the Collective agree to throw the inter-squad football game, eliminating themselves from the tournament. Squad member CoCo Savage, who had up until this point, been the most valuable player on the team, fakes an injury to cause the team to lose. However, he forgets to sell his injury as no less than two minutes later, he runs across two fields to hit on a female from another squad.

Boomer is extremely upset at the loss and adds another reason to a long list of reasons why he hates CoCo Savage. Senior Drill Instructor Tavers’ dream of having one of his squads win the seasonal football tournament remains unfulfilled.

After the game, while in the mess hall, tempers flare as Boomer gets into a confrontation with members of the winning team from earlier in the day. CoCo is the first to join in on the fray with Conroy close behind. CoCo throws the first punch, or rather the first drop-kick, before anyone else even has their hands up. Conroy tried his best to restrain CoCo before things get worse, but it’s too late.

Member of both squads tear into each other. Five members of the other squad jump Donny Lee and Gamjee, beating them down. Backing up their squadmates, squad members Rook and McKracken join in the fight to even up the odds while Conroy releases CoCo and turns his attention to the other squad.

Rook, who has a thing for fighting trolls, challenges the biggest troll on the other squad. She tries her best but takes a powerful hit from the troll knocking her down. CoCo jumps across a table to Rook’s rescue.

The other members of Tavers’ squad try their best to help with Carly throwing food at the opposing squad. Ultimately, the fight is broken up by officers rushing to the mess hall and ordering everyone to stand down, but not before it is clear the Tavers’ squad was winning the fight. Afterwards, McKracken casts a heal spell on Rook.

Back in their barracks, Tavers chews out the squad demanding to know who started the fight. No one rats out CoCo so the entire squad is punished with excess physical training.

Scene 4: Academy training fields.

Wednesday, May 18th, 2072

During morning physical training, Boomer suddenly collapses for no apparent reason. He is taken to the infirmary but upon further examination there doesn’t seem to be anything physically wrong with him. He is held for observation.

A few hours later, with no update on his condition, Rook returns to the infirmary to check in on Boomer. Rook assenses Boomer and sees that his life signs are very disconcerting. Rook seeks out McKracken for his opinion on the situation. Phillip McKracken also assenses Boomer and recognizes that it is what his own body looks like while he is astrally projecting.

Realizing that Boomer needed to return to his body, the take Boomer’s body back to the fields where they use astral perception to look for Boomer. They spot Boomer flying about in the sky, looking very confused.

Rook successfully uses her leadership to direct Boomer back into his body. Boomer returns to his body and wakes up, confused and frightened. He doesn’t seem to be harmed in any way but he does have a lot of questions which Rook and McKracken answer. Rook and McKracken agree that it was all very strange.

Scene 5: Airport training facility.

Monday, May 23rd, 2072

Tavers leads his squad to a makeshift airport terminal where Knight Errant normally does training for airport security. But today is a special day because Knight Errant was able to acquire some hybrid-form insect spirits to use as target practice. The insect spirits have had their connection to their Queen broken, so they act erratically but they still pose a dangerous challenge.

Squad Leader Phillip McKracken chooses Rook, Savage, Conroy, and Narayan to be part of his team. Before going into the terminal, all the recruits are allowed to fully gear up for the encounter. Rook and Narayan choose the experimental Excalibur battle rifle as part of their loadout. Conroy chooses to command two rotodrones and an Ares Paladin drone.

Before entering, Phillip reminds everyone to go with armor piercing rounds. He also adds that usually insects fight with claws and that ranged attacks are uncommon.

Once inside the sealed off terminal, the team quickly locates the first of many insect spirits. It is some grotesque combination of a termite and a large dog. Conroy sends in a rotodrone and commands it to take a shot at the thing. The insect spirit scurries deeper into the terminal, out of the team’s sight. A couple more missed pot shots and the insect spirit retreats from view. Phillip astrally projects to find a spirit hiding around a corner. Phillip tries to communicate with it but fails. Phillip determines that the insects are not intelligent and are subject to termination.

Once the team has the insects backed into a corner, the insect spirits lash out and the real battle begins. The insects go for the closest target, that being Conroy’s rotodrone. The rotodrone takes solid damage, causing some feedback damage to get to Conroy. Conroy is forced to jump out of the drone before it is destroyed.

Rook’s Excalibur battle rifle overheats and melts the barrel as she tries to take a shot, forcing her to switch to her Enfield shotgun.

Phillip summons a Force 4 Fire elemental to join the fight. The elemental does a good job to drawing the attention of an insect spirit, containing it while other team members shoot the insect.

Both Savage and Rook take cover behind the Paladin while Savage lobs grenades at the insect spirits and Rook shoots them with her shotgun. The fragmentation grenades prove effective enough to take down the insect spirits in explosive fashion.

Phillip’s team completes the objective of clearing out the terminal of 5 insect spirits with only minimal injuries. Tavers is very impressed with the results, commenting that he underestimated them.

Next up is Boomer’s team. They don’t do as well, but they manage to complete the task of clearing out the terminal of 3 insect spirits. Duc Tran is mortally wounded and Phillip casts a heal spell to try to save him. The on-site medical team takes Duc away.

Scene 6: Graduation day.

Saturday, May 29th, 2072

New Vice President of Knight Errant Clayton Wilson gives a graduation speech. Rook graduates with very high scores. Savage and Conroy manage to graduate with somewhat less than perfect scores. Phillip failed his swimming exam and while he gets to attend graduation, he is required to remain at the academy for another two weeks before being released.

The recruits all have their family come to the ceremony. Savage’s sister is also present.

After packing up their gear, the grads are given their next assignment. All the members of The Collective are selected for the Office of Special Projects. Tavers asks to meet with them privately.

In Tavers’ office, Tavers reveals that he has lost contact with his previous recruits that have been assigned to the OSP. Tavers doesn’t know what is wrong, if anything, and asks the new grads to report to him if they can. Tavers then toasts the grads and wishes them well on their future endeavors.

Payout: 12,000 nuyen salary
Karma Gain: 24 Karma for 12 weeks of training
Notoriety gain: none
Faction changes: none
Contacts gained: Senior Drill Instructor Tavers (Loyalty 2/Connections 4)
Other Items gained: Lion-O gained a bio-tattoo.
Items lost: Some PCs spent some money.


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