Band Of Chummers

Season 2, Episode 5: The Wiz Escape

July 4th, 2072,

Scene 1: Security room of the Unlimitech Facility. After the explosion in the loading dock, Zer0 takes a look at the security cameras but is unable to see anything through the smoke. Zer0 then gets a call from Knight Errant Dispatch. Zer0 is unable to convince Dispatch that everything is okay. Zer0 is informed that ETA for the Knight Errant HTR team is five minutes.

Scene 2: Flashback to 15 minutes earlier at the BBQ by the animal pen. All the workers except those on guard duty are in attendance of the BBQ celebration of the life of Snowball. Olo is sticking to his vegan diet while others munch on roasted bits of Snowball.

Dr. Bliss makes an announcement regarding the progress of their research and then talks about making soldiers for a war against the Horoi. The audience is in various stages of confusion while Olo cheers for the announcements.

The explosion at the loading dock is heard and Captain Kuchci springs into action. The back doors to the facility are locked. Olo is placed on a team to try to get in the front entrance. Sergeant Chubz goes to work on opening the locked doors.

Olo’s team is unable to reach the entrance to the facility because of a mini-gun wielding Troll is pinning them down once they reach the corner of the building. The troll is with his team who are armed with heavy weapons and a sniper rifle.

Scene 3: Inside the Unlimitech Facility. Felix makes a b-line to the ar

mory and tries to loot as much stuff as he can. Daytona seems to be a lost puppy following him around.

The smoke in the loading dock settles and Zer0 sees that members of another shadowrunner team are getting their act together. Before they make any aggressive moves, Zer0 and Lion-O contact them through the building’s intercom.

Mellora sets up behind some cover with Zulu Sands and Dustoo behind her. Zulu and Dustoo asked to be armed but after a quick assense, Mellora decides against it.

Mellora, Zer0, and Lion-O agree that honesty is the best policy. Lion-O tries to explain over the intercom that they are not with Knight Errant. Bull, a member of the shadowrunner team, worries that it may be a stall tactic and demands the release of their objective, Stryc Nine. Bull offers to help the Collective escape in exchange for Stryc Nine. Lion-O agrees and Zer0 unlocks the doors for Stryc Nine to escape.

Scene 4: Back outside. Olo approaches peacefully and tries to speak with the team that has his side pinned down. He casts two spells to control the sniper into running up to him and hugging him as if they were family. He then makes her go to his team where she is tasered unconscious.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Chubz is able to get past the locked doors. Dr. Bliss and her team enter the facility but their progress is slowed by the obstacles left behind by Lion-O.

Scene 5: Inside the Unlimitech Facility. An automated announcement over the intercom reveals that the self-destruct sequence has been initiated.

Stryc Nine makes it to the top floor, but is lost so Felix is sent to escort him out. Instead, Felix leads him the wrong way until they encounter Sgt Chubz. Chubz takes a shot at Stryc Nine with his pistol and seriously wounds him. Felix and Stryc Nine scramble back and run in the correct direction this time. Chubz attempts to chase but is taken out by an explosive that was placed strategically just moments prior.

Stryc Nine is returned to his rescuers and they use magic to patch him up. Bull holds his end of the bargain and informs his extraction team that they will be pulling out many more than expected. Bull informs the Collective that each additional person will cost them ¥2,000 to which they quickly accept.

Scene 6: Outside the Unlimitech Facility. Felix hands Mellora an immaculate Ares Desert Strike rifle. Mellora uses it to pick off the Knight Errant guards with Olo, starting with Lt. Sinjin. With Sinjin taken out, Olo becomes next highest in command. He tries to order his men and women to run away, but only Popa does as ordered. Big Abe and Stacy instead stay and try to rush the getaway vehicles but are cut down before they can get halfway there.

Felix and Lion-O ask to drive, but they are denied. Once the vehicles are loaded up with everyone, they make their getaway. The vehicles ride off into the sunset while being chased by flying drones and armored vehicles of Knight Errant HTR.

Payout: Everyone receives 10k¥ from Ms. Johnson. Mellora, Lion-O, and Zer0 each receive another 10k¥ in salary, Olo receives 9k¥ in salary, Felix receives 8k¥ in salary.
Karma Gain: 12 Karma
Notoriety gain: None
Faction changes: None
Contacts gained:
Other Items gained: Felix got some bug spray, Felix got some grenades, Zer0 crafted a Scratch-Built Junk RCC, a copy of Dr. Taylor’s notebook with all his passcodes, Mellora got a Colt M23 with AP ammo, Mellora picked up an Ares Desert Strike sniper rifle
Items lost: ¥14,000 paid to the extraction team


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