Dictator of Denver


The “White Wyrm” Big ass shimmering pale scales great dragon.



Ghostwalker first appeared in his astral form on December 24, 2061, from the astral rift in Washington, D.C. over the site of Dunkelzahn’s assassination. After a campaign of attacks on the city of Denver, Ghostwalker assumed control of the FRFZ in January of 2062.

Ghostwalker is seldom seen.

“Ghostwalker … is a presence that has been sorely needed in the Sixth World. I only wish that he could have returned sooner. His actions in Denver are not entirely unexpected. In all frankness, were any of us put in a similar stressful position, we would do the same. However, times have changed. May he resolve things to his satisfaction, and quickly.” – Hestaby January 2, 2062

“I am lenient and generous, but I do not brook foolishness; I foresee, however, a congenial relationship between myself and Denver. A bright future awaits this region that I call home, and I intend upon being the instrument that ushers it in.” – Ghostwalker January 27, 2062


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