Tag: Dragon


  • Ghostwalker

    Ghostwalker first appeared in his astral form on December 24, 2061, from the astral rift in Washington, D.C. over the site of [[:dunkelzahn | Dunkelzahn's]] assassination. After a campaign of attacks on the city of [[Denver | Denver]], Ghostwalker …

  • Hestaby

    Lair is in Mount Shasta. Member of the Tir Council of Princes. Of all the Great Dragons, Hestaby is the most media friendly. She promotes peace, environmentalism and helps sooth dragon-metahuman relations.

  • Evan Perry

    His dragon name is Perianwyr. Runs [[Ceol Productions | Ceol Productions]]. Outed as a drake years ago. "To Perianwyr, I leave the remainder of my music collection. I have a great deal of appreciation for anyone who prefers to hoard beauty and …

  • Dunkelzahn

    On August 9, 2057, Dunkelzahn died on the night of his inauguration. The mystery of his death has never been resolved. "Candidate Dunkelzahn believes in democracy and freedom of speech, and more to the point, believes in a diversity of dialog. His …