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Episode 1: Parliament of Thieves Recap

This is just my quick notes on who did what and the outcomes. If I forget anything important, please note it in the comments!

Scene 1: Club Denim. The team arrives early. Olo is very social and makes friends with Teo. Felix is anti-social. The team meets “Raven” whom they later learn is Mark Longfeather, a Koshari Chief.

Raven gives them a simple delivery mission. The team exits through the backdoor to avoid the suspected undercover cops in the dining area.

Scene 2: PCC:CAS tunnels. The team meets Stalker who guides them through a series of underground tunnels connecting the PCC Sector and CAS Sector.

Scene 3: Traffic Accident in the CAS Sector. While stuck in traffic, the team is approached by two separate groups led by An Peng and Johnny Ono. An Peng and Johnny offer them nuyen in exchange for the package but the Olo confuses them and the team speeds away through the congested traffic.

With Johnny in hot pursuit, Zer0 hacks into Johnny’s car and instructs it to pull aside, allowing Mellora to lose their tail.

Zer0’s bike is a little scratched up, but he didn’t hit any pedestrians! The other vehicles are unblemished.

Scene 4: CAS:UCAS tunnels. After regrouping, Lion-O and Olo meet Peaches. She guides them through the tunnels, showing them the Five by Five bar on their way to the UCAS Sector. The rest of the team crosses the border checkpoint without trouble.

Scene 5: Chavez Mansion. The team arrives at their delivery point which is the house of Omar Chavez. Michael, one of the house guards, guides the team to the shooting range where the team hands over the package intact. Omar thanks them and Michael sees them out after paying them.

Scene 6: Pow wow at McHugh’s. The team agrees to relax at a local McHugh’s and get to know each other a little better.

Nuyen gain: 4,000
Karma gain: 6pts
Notoriety gain: zero
Faction changes: +1 with the Koshari, +1 with the Chavez Family
Contacts gained: Mark Longfeather (Connection 7/Loyalty 1), Stalker (Connection 3/Loyalty 1), Peaches (Connection 3/Loyalty 1)


I wonder what was in that package….

bleach16888 bleach16888

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