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Episode 3: The Grab Recap

January 14th, 2072

Scene 1: The team agrees to meet Ms. Johnson at The Rattlesnake Grill. Before the meeting starts, a familiar face appears. Once Stooby takes his seat, Ms. Johnson offers the team an extraction run.

The team balks at the idea of working with Stooby in what figures to be a kidnapping mission. The team walks out on the deal.

Outside, the team runs into a Godz ambush squad. They reposition themselves and wait to see what happens. When Ms. Johnson and Stooby exit the restaurant, they are assaulted with a hail of gunfire. The team opens up fire on the hit squad, forcing them to retreat.

After the dust settles, four Godz members are down as well as Ms. Johnson. Olo casts Knockout on Stooby and the team leaves him.

Before passing out, Ms. Johnson asks to be taken to Zhang Wong.. The team loads Ms. Johnson, the unconscious Godz leader, and his motorcycle into their van and drives off before Puebsec arrives.

Scene 2: Border Crossing. Mellora, Jake and the two “sleepers” cross the checkpoint without issue. Felix fails to convince the border guard to let him through. After an hour of questioning and electronic scanning, Lion-O and Felix are allowed to pass.

Scene 3: Mystic Curiosities. Zhang Wong tends to Lady Jade while the team waits for her to wake up. In the meantime, they interrogate Billy Kidd. He tells him the Godz are upset over business dealings with Lady Jade and want to make an example out of her. The team sets Billy free.

After Lady Jade wakes up and is calmed down a bit, she offers the team the extraction mission again, this time without Stooby. The team reluctantly agrees after fishing out more details on the run. The target is 11-year-old Catherine Westmore

Scene 4: Holm Elementary. After some legwork, the team learns of the location of Catherine Westmore’s school. After some fine scouting and sneaking around, Zer0 hacks into the school computers to find Catherine’s home address.

Scene 5: The Westmore Condo. In the middle of the night, the team tracks down Catherine’s location. They find her guarded by only one man, Jack McPherson.

Zer0 sets off the silent alarm while trying to hack and the team rushes into grab Catherine. They find her and Jack holed up in the reinforced safe room of Donna’s bedroom. Zer0 hacks the lock and Mellora takes lead. Mellora tosses a flash-bang grenade into the tiny closet, but Frost’s flare compensation protects him. Frost then blasts Mellora with a burst from his SMG.

Olo overpowers Frost with a magic spell and Lion-O grabs Catherine. The team makes it for their vehicles while Lion-O’s Doberman drone draws the attention of the authorities that have arrived on scene. Felix takes a swipe at Catherine but misses.

Scene 6: The getaway. Jack Frost McPherson and his team, The Trinity track down Catherine in their Ares helicopter. Their rescue attempt fails when Zer0 successfully hacks into their helicopter, forcing them to crash.

Scene 7: Delivery. The team delivers a frightened Catherine Westmore to a second runner team at an abandoned safehouse somewhere in the Aurora Warrens. They are paid and asked to leave.

January 17th, 2072

(Correction: Knight Errant is the police force involved, not Lone Star)

Nuyen Gain: 5,000¥
Karma Gain: 6 points
Notoriety gain: 1 point for kidnapping spectacle
Faction changes: none
Contacts gained: Junko Tetsuya (Connection 3/Loyalty 2), Zhang Wong (Connection 1, Loyalty 2)
Items gain: ?
Items lost: GM-Nissan Doberman


Correction: It was members of The Godz that attacked, not the Fronts.

Episode 3: The Grab Recap

Another correction: I screwed up the dates, I think it’s correct now.

Episode 3: The Grab Recap
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