Band Of Chummers

Episode 0: Food Fight! Recap

Mellora: Picked up the Defiance shotgun. Knocked out Stooby and knocked down Fornis with the butt of the shotgun. Returned Vern’s shotgun. Oh yeah, and hits Felix with her stun baton.

Olo: Exchanged information with Brandeen. Casted an Influence spell on Stooby. Casted a Knockout spell on Fornis, almost inadvertently killing him.

Felix: Called out the location of Brandeen and Cody to the attackers. Resisted Mellora’s intimidation attempt. Takes a deep bruise from Mellora’s stun baton.

Zer0: Hacked into the waxing drone, causing Crank to slip and fall. Shot Fornis in the leg. Learned that the cameras were off the entire time.

Lion-O: Caught in the blast. Subdued Crank after he fell on the wax. Stabilized Fornis’ wound with a first aid kit.

Stooby, Joeby, Crank, and Dustoo all escape before Puebsec arrives. Fornis is arrested for attempted murder. Others in the Stuffer Shack at the time of the attack include Veronica, Angle, and Jake.

No one besides Fornis, Stooby and Felix were injured.


Leave comments if I missed anything!

Episode 0: Food Fight! Recap

Is Felix still hurt?

Episode 0: Food Fight! Recap

No. Stun damage is healed in a matter of hours.

Episode 0: Food Fight! Recap
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