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Lion-O the Third's Journal - Episode 0: Food Fight!

Day One: Explosions.

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2072.01.01 4:55 AM

Eeeeehhhh. This was not the way I wanted to start out the new year. I’m tired, my suit’s dirty, and I came back from a convenience store empty-handed. The adrenaline and my frustration over what just happened are probably the only things keeping me awake. I’ll guess I should talk about this now so I can calm down and go back to sleep.

I woke up early today. Someone thought it would be a funny idea to set off some fireworks at 2 ‘o clock in the morning. I decided to take this time to update a few documents and work on unpacking the rest of my gear. Five days in and there’s still about ten boxes that need to be sorted out. Moving’s a nightmare. I know I’ve said it many times on these recordings but it doesn’t make it any less true.

A little while later, I settled on cruising around a bit to get a feel for the roads here. Mapsofts are great but sometimes they can be wrong and finding out the discrepancies between what is listed and what’s actually there is vital for my business. I soon found myself close to a Stuffer Shack and figured I should go check to see if they had any holiday discounts on automotive repair equipment. It couldn’t have been pass 3:30 at the time but the store was very busy. Well, most of us probably had a good reason to be there that early on New Year’s Day. Like that one woman who was buying supplies for her baby. In fact, most of this story should be centered around her. I didn’t get a good look at her but from what I could hear, she seemed just to be your average mother getting some last minute groceries while trying to console her crying child. She bought her things and left and came back moments later to buy diapers.

Then something blew up. I was pinned down by the debris from most of the front wall and aisle two. Thankfully, my suit protected me and I was able to shuffle out of that mess within minutes. However, three guys with guns had already walked in and appeared to be taking the store hostage as their leader shouted, “Where’s da girl and da baby?” to whoever was in shooting distance. Even though there was probably a chance for me to sneak past them and head to my car, it didn’t feel right leaving a woman and child in danger. I took few steps further back into the store and found two more people close by. They seemed just as shocked as I was initially and scared for their lives. They also kind of looked like they came from a rock concert but that’s beside the point.

I took cover in between aisles five and six. Further down, I saw a man dressed in black with his pistol out in the open. Keep in mind, I had weapons on me but I wasn’t willing to use anything lethal just yet. Plus, if I took out my pistol, it might have been caught on tape. The man winked at me, darted back to the corner of the store and shouted, “The baby’s here! Down in aisle five!” or something similar. I still can’t figure out why he would do such a thing. My best guess is that he wanted to provide a distraction but you don’t endanger a child’s life like that! Or, at least, you shouldn’t. The next thing I noticed was the hum of a cleaning drone as it approached me and released all of its wax within a few feet from itself, followed by footsteps of a guy who was carrying an AK-97. On cue, he slipped and released his weapon. I can’t say if this was a stroke of pure luck or someone was pulling the strings for me.

Orchestrated or not, I took the opportunity to pounce on the guy. Gunshots and screams broke out while I shook him down and asked the big question: “Why are they so important?” He was a bit of a hysterical but he managed to spout something about their leader being the only one in on it. Soon after, a shady-looking fellow was running to the exist. The man I had previously pinned down had complied to stay and I stood in the way the new man’s path so I could ask about why he was leaving so abruptly. He was just as frantic as the last one, shouting that he needed to get out of here but refusing to give me any reason as to why. Then, another person ran inside: Joeby, the little brother of the leader to this operation. His brother, Stooby, had been knocked unconscious for a while now and Joeby asked me to help carry his brother out of here.

On one hand, the man did try to commit robbery and kidnapping and was most likely the cause of the explosion that started this whole mess. On the other, it appeared that Stooby was taking orders from higher up which probably meant that he was a Shadowrunner just like me. I also had to deal with the man who was just trying to escape. On top of that, the police would be here any minute. I decided to let Joeby pass by me. I did ask him if he had a DocWagon account. While he was desperate, it didn’t stop him from scoffing at that idea. Man, I feel like trash. Elite trash, apparently, but still trash. I hate them too, but they’re necessary in my line of work and many others. Back to our story, I got the shady-looking man to crack and reveal the packets of frozen food he had stuffed in his jacket. Shoplifting in a hostage situation is petty but I have no right to play cop. I wished him a “Happy New Year” and he went on his merry way.

Too much chaos for one night. Too many people to remember. I’m glad my comlink took pictures of them. I’ll try to run face-scans later. The last thing of note about this is that I patched up one of the Shadowrunners. He was unconscious and bleeding out. I managed to stabilize him. He’ll last to get proper treatment from a real doctor. I can only hope that KES doesn’t question me. I’m just not in the mood………

5 o’clock, eh? I can sleep for another four hours, right?


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