Band Of Chummers

2072.01.04 10:46 PM

Looking back at my last rant, I think I should try to keep this as short as possible. So. Today was a good day. I got in contact with my fixer, did a simple delivery job, and came back with 4,000 Nuyen. I don’t know what was in the package. Our naivete about Denver was deemed as an asset in Raven’s, our employer’s, eyes. Although, I could take a guess at it if I wanted to. It was at least something valuable enough that two gangs were willing to bribe us first before trying to take it by force. The most suspicious thing about this was that three of my compatriots for this run were there at the Stuffer Shack on New Year’s Day. There was no discussion about this development but we got along with each other for the most part.

Mellora was stern but nice. She was well-equipped for the job and I must admit that van of hers is something to be admired. We talked about vehicles and the possibility of installing a Rigger interface into hers. There was a part of me that keeps saying I’ve seen her before. I did perform a face-scan on her earlier in the week but I got nothing. I did get a few vacation photos from Zer0 though. He was our Decker for this mission. We didn’t talk much but he’s valuable to the team seeing as he and Mellora were the two reasons as to why we shook off those gang members chasing us. Then, we have Felix a.k.a. He-who-points-guns-at-babies. I do feel sorry for the guy. For some reason, he just doesn’t get along with kids. He’s probably facing some hard times too. McHugh’s is a luxury to him. At least, he was happy when I bought him his meal. Luke was the odd one out of the group. He didn’t even look like he was out of high school! He wore these baggy shorts and spouted all of this streettalk right in front of our employer’s face. I was going to stop him but it turned out that Raven kind of liked it and compiled to give each of us a thousand Nuyen bonus from the original payment. I was stunned. Another strange thing about Luke is that he changed clothes before we entered Omar Chavez’s house. That itself is rather common. Deception and disguises are used throughout this business. It was the transformation that irked me. I got the same vibe I got from Mellora when I saw him in a more formal outfit. It’s just something familiar that I should recognize. He’s like Tuxedo Mask, I swear.

We met Stalker- a retired Street Samurai, Peaches- loved hearing her stories, and Omar Chavez- a decrepit, old man who likes shooting at Elven boys…………….. It didn’t hit him but he was still scared to death. My weapons were in the waiting room. If I did anything, I wouldn’t be alive to talk about it. I still hate it though……….. At least, my teammates were nice. We all have our secrets to keep but they seem like kind people deep down inside, even Mr. Child Hater. I just wish we met on better terms. The police still haven’t questioned me about that incident. I’ve got to find a more legitimate line of work soon.


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