Band Of Chummers

Season 2, Episode 2: Duty, Honor, Ares

Thursday, March 10th, 2072

Scene 1: Barracks. Squad Leader Rook has a talk with Recruit Gamjee. She is concerned about his lack of confidence. In an effort to boost his confidence, Rook sets up a pugil fighting match between herself and Gamjee. The match turns into a big spectacle as Recruit Duc starts taking bets as to who will with the match. Most of the bets are placed on Gamjee.

Recruit Rook does a good job of throwing the match while making it look real. Gamjee’s confidence is boosted from the cheers he received from his fellow recruits. All recruits either won or lost money on the match. Recruit Conroy donated his winnings to Gamjee.

Recruit Conroy makes a new friend in Recruit Narayan.

The team also discussed the ramifications of allowing Boomer the use of steroids. They decided that the risk was low enough and that it would boost relations with the disgruntled recruit.

Friday, March 25th, 2072

Scene 2: Urban terrain training area. After morning physical training, the full Squad gathers to participate in the Shoot Don’t Shoot training exercise. After weeks of learning the proper techniques of handling a firearm, the squad gets their first taste of live ammunition.

All members of the Collective score reasonably well, with Rook scoring the highest out of everybody with 180 points. The rest of the recruits also do well with the exception of Carly and Zulu.

As highest scorer of the training exercise, Squad Leader Rook is given first pick for the next phase of the training exercise, Capture the Flag.

Scene 3: Capture the Flag. In another, more expansive part of the urban training area, it is Rook’s team vs. CoCo’s team. Rook’s team consists of Rook, Phillip, Boomer, Magni, and Conroy. CoCo’s team consists of CoCo, Narayan, Donny Lee, Duc, and Gamjee. CoCo decided to start his team on the east side cordoned off area. Rook coordinates a diamond formation to give her team a slight boost in initiative.

CoCo’s team starts off aggressively trying to secure the intersection in the middle of the playing field. Both CoCo and Rook immediately run for and climb to the roof of the west building. Team leaders Rook and CoCo exchange a few paint rounds with neither side connecting.

Smoke grenades are thrown and players take cover behind barriers making it difficult to score any hits. That is until Magni peels off a well-placed shot taking out Duc.

Still, the fight was mostly a stalemate until CoCo surrendered to Rook, giving up his sidearm and removing himself from the event. Rook then used her superior height advantage to pick off Narayan and Gamjee. Magni finished off CoCo’s team by taking out Donny with another nice shot.

Boomer failed to score any hits, but dutifully retrieved the flag, giving Rook’s team a perfect 5-0 victory.

After getting chewed out by Drill Instructor Tavers, CoCo is relieved of his Squad leader position and is replaced by new Squad Leader Magni.

Later in the week, on the recommendation of Rook, her Squad Leader position is handed over to Phillip.

Karma Gain: 2 Karma for participating in Capture the Flag.
Other gains and losses: nuyen from betting on the pugil fighting match.


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