Band Of Chummers

Episode 9: Summer Camp!

A look into the mind of Felix

This is why I became a Shadowrunner: you never know where you’re going.

After blowing up the club Denver style, Lio—-The Baron invited the group over to his house to celebrate. When I got there, he and Olo were already high off their asses on novacoke talking about how they shared an 18 year-old hooker together. These guys are fricken CRAZY!! Naturally I had to get high too. Then something weird happened: They started to talk about “teaming up more”………… I…..I think they want to share a hooker with me…. Jesus Azteca Christ these guys are wild!!

Anyway, Melora and Zer0 showed up and they weren’t happy with me.. Apparently, Melora and The Baron needed this Kaz guy alive.. I’d messed up the team big time… Zer0 called me a douche… that guy just has a way of reaching me and I cried, yo’…… I’m so glad I have such a strong family of Shadowrunners. They all hugged me and gave me another chance…Especially Melora… she let me cup her butt for a full 20 minutes… Something to look in on later…

Now stronger than ever, my new family and I decided to take The Baron to the dentist. This dentist sure looks familiar…
I was minding my own business and eating crackers in the janitor’s room like I always do when suddenly there was some loud noise and Olo called me over. Apparently this soldier team wants to help us with something. They take us back to this really nice apartment and told us to wait. This badass chick comes back and told us that if we go to summer camp, she could fix The Baron’s and Melora’s problem… Denver is weird and I love it.

Cut to: 1,000 miles away and a buzz haircut later, the gang and I are at camp in Detroit! This is so cool. The counselor is really mean though…I literally peed a little…

The first day we did an obstacle course and I WON!! Melora won the giant Q-tip fight tournament and now we’re both squad leaders! This is just like the movies! I found my rival. I found my summer crush. And I’m spending this all with my best friends! What could go wrong???!!


Good stuff!

Episode 9: Summer Camp!
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