Band Of Chummers

The Posh Mage's Log - Episode 0: Food Fight!

Interrupting tea time

Stuffer Shack has run out of Minx Pure Tottenham Jasmine tea again. Surely this is the worst possible thing to happen to me today.

The place was uncharacteristically crowded for a convenience shoppe so late at night.

The venue was already full of people and in crop 3 more trying to grab the attention of the clerks. Very rude. They were angry enough to vandelize the wall as well.

I attempted to reason with the gentlemen. I would aid them however I could and send them on their way. Such respectable people are surely of the intelligent variety.

They were looking for something. I tried to explain that it wasn’t there. Such fine gents. Reason was the obvious answer.

I suppose I can’t successfully offer peace when the trumpets play war across the isle.
Things may have gotten messy, but no one was killed and I had my tea in the end.

—End Personal Log: Walter Melon


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