Charlie Wire

Serial Killer


[From Lone Star’s internal database]

“Charlie Wire likes to play with people like puppets on a string”—Audio recording of a suicide victim.

Background: Charlie Wire is a dark figure behind fifteen murder/suicide incidents—occurring at the rate of one incident per month—that all share the same pattern. Investigators have determined that in 80 percent of these cases, the deceased individuals did not know each other. In each case, suicide victims were augmented-autopsies revealed recent surgery and cyber enhancements, along with recent drug use. Latest victims were a 32-year-old elf female exotic dancer with noted augmentations, and a 44-year-old male Ork executive. The elf woman shot the man eight times before committing suicide outside WellMind Enterprises in Denver.

Modus Operandi: Charlie finds a target and kidnaps him/her. He reworks his victims to put them under his control, giving them the right combination of remotely-controlled cyberware and mind-altering drugs to make them vehicles for his will; our technical analysis tells us he is likely using dynamic skillsofts in combination with pharmaceutical effects that make the victims extremely suggestible—they become little more than drones, with Charlie Wire as their rigger. Forensic evidence indicates all cyberware is blackmarket-sourced, second-hand wares, and orginate from different manufacturers.

Charlie controls the victim’s actions remotely; the victim finds a target (who is always the opposite sex of the initial abductee), kills them, then kills him/herself. Sometimes the “suicides” are done with the same weapon as the murder, but on two occasions, the controlled people have been killed with small cortex bombs. Crimes with this MO have occurred in three cities—the bult of them (twelve) have been committed in New Seattle, while two have happened in Denver and one in DeeCee.

Psyce Profile:Our current data suggests an 85 percent chance that the subject is male and additionally he is likely a human in his thirties. Charlie Wire clearly has a need to establish dominance and control over the world, which might stem from insecurity tied to an intimate relationship (note the male-female dynamic) present in all the incidents). One common link between the victims is that they all have occupations that involve some degree of involvement with the general public (e.g., receptionist, exotic dancer, car dealer). This means that Charlie is likely to be meeting his victims in a public environment before he kidnaps them, possibly developing a fantasy relationship with before he eventually moves into action.

Description: No physical description of Charlie Wire is available. He is clearly knowledgeable about cybernetics and surgery, and it is very possible he has worked in the medical industry in some form).

Database Identification: Unavailable
Known Aliases: None on record
Known Associates/Connections: None on record
Last Known Location: Denver

Charlie Wire

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