7th President of UCAS


A Western Great Dragon



On August 9, 2057, Dunkelzahn died on the night of his inauguration. The mystery of his death has never been resolved.

“Candidate Dunkelzahn believes in democracy and freedom of speech, and more to the point, believes in a diversity of dialog. His detractors have every right to hold their opinions, and to argue them. In fact, we’d love to have them come to the rally and add calm, rational voices to the many discussions and townhall meetings. A Dunkelzahn presidency is not one in which the opposition is silenced; we, all of us in the Dunkelzahn Independent Party, believe that all voices should be heard. That said, the Big D is paying for this particular rally, so if any of the oppositional voices start screaming over everyone else, they will be asked to leave the premises and return to the outside protest.” – Seattle campaign worker. March 25th, 2057

“This is not my victory. It belongs to everyone who voted for what I represent—hope, progress, a brighter future for all of us. A new golden age.”—Dunkelzahn’s last words.

Dunkelzahn’s Will


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