Your best friend


A good lie is easier to believe than the truth. And often times much more entertaining. Such is the life of the magician actor. He has never revealed his real name nor the fact he’s really… well… He’s got little in his pockets, yet he dresses like the leaders of a large business or a politician. Always polite. Ever smiling but the bigger the smile, the sharper the knife… just as a figure of speach. His lust for wealth is great but his luck is not. At least he’s good with parlour tricks. Now if he can’t put a smile on your sour face with a mere wink, he’ll eat his cane.

But why trickery? Why manipulation? At first he was a alchemist apprentice of his father. He was quite good at it. Turned a tidy profit. Not for him though. Not for Olo.The first time Olo realized that his father could tell his customers anything they wanted to hear, and they would believe him, he saw an opportunity to gain a big bank account with little effort. “Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity.” Was the very first philosophy he wrote. Besides, he’s adopted anyway.

So he left on his own. His first act was to learn enough medicine to remove any biotech that he had or may have had installed at birth to prove his identity. Self surgery is dreadful. He reccomends not doing that without contacts on the inside. Nothing is more important than your health, except for your money. If you belive that, always do it yourself.

A sack of stolen goods is sold from dear old dad is then sold with promise that it would be taken to the seller. His first trick was to make that bit disappear. Enough to buy a suit, a haircut, a few meals, a pistol, and the hushed whispers of opportunity.

With a mere 6000 Nuyen to his name if not less, he plans to act his way to success. Let’s wing it.


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