Band Of Chummers

Season 2, Episode 4: The Grass Is Always Greener

Wednesday, June 1st, 2072

Scene 1: Chicago Unlimitech facility. Without much fanfare, four members of The Collective are flown to O’Hara airport via a Qantas marked jet plane. Upon arrival, they are greeted by Linnea Kuchci and Lt. Briggs; Knight Errant officers who are part of the OSP.

The Collective aren’t given much time to settle in. They begin duty immediately, guarding the premises from intruders. The Collective take things slowly for the first two weeks, waiting for Phillip McKraken to arrive.

During the first two weeks, the team learns a few interesting things,

  • Mellora assenses that several of the other security guards are secretly bug spirits.
  • Dr. Bliss is trying to sell research samples on the black market.
  • The algae in one of the research rooms is dying and needs to be replaced.
  • One of the research assistants, Daytona, has been acting very strange.
  • Absent-minded Dr. Taylor keeps forgetting his passcodes and has to write them down in a notebook.
  • There is a big 4th of July BBQ planned. On that day, most of the team members will be responsible for the security of the facility.

Scene 2: Unlimitech Facility. The Collective orchestrate a plan to make a copy of Dr. Taylor’s notebook. Magni gets Popa to switch spider shifts with him. While Dr. Taylor is in the shower, Coco Savage sneaks into the room and grabs his notebook. He then takes it to a nearby security camera and flips through the pages, allowing Magni to make a digital copy. Coco returns the notebook without anyone noticing and Magni shares a copy of the notebook with all his teammates.

The notebook is a disorganized mess and none of the passcodes are labeled properly.

Meanwhile, the first couple weeks, CoCo spends a lot of time helping Chef Guyon in the kitchen.

Scene 3: Unlimitech facility animal pen. Phillip tries to get the animals of the pen to mutiny using his animal handling skills. With the exception of Snowball, the animals seem quite content to stay in captivity. Phillip finds the dogs to be the hardest to convince because they are not there for animal testing, but for security. He uses magic to influence the dogs, making them fearful of becoming vessels for bug spirits. Phillip is able to convince the dogs to escape, but only when they get the signal.

Scene 4: Unlimitech facility. Inside the facility, the team gets to work on gathering information and preparing to take advantage of the July 4th bbq. The Collective are able to,

  • Zero spends his time fixing the drones and re-enabling their rigger adaptation hardware.
  • Zero builds a make-shift RCC from the materials in the workshop
  • Lion-O uses the drones and the RCC to get a complete picture of the layout of the research area and basement
  • Olo astrally projects through the opening in the wall. He manages to make it all the way down to the sub-basement where he finds test subjects Dustoo, Zulu Sands, and StrycNine.
  • Felix is able to infiltrate the armory and get his hands on some grenades.
  • Felix gains Daytona’s trust

Scene 5: Local Soybucks. Phillip agrees to help Dr. Bliss sell a package of Ares tech on the black market. While Phillip claims the buyer to be named Huge Mann, it is actually Phillip himself disguised with a Mask spell.

Phillip takes the package to a nearby Soybucks where he meets Ms. Johnson. He hands her the package and tells her about the things they have learned so far. Phillip also asks if she can help with an extraction on July 4th. Ms. Johnson promises to do her best, but it is uncertain she will be able to come through in such a short time frame.

July 4, 2072

Scene 6: Unlimitech Facility.

Scene 1: Loading Bay. The day starts off business as usual as a delivery truck drops off some crates in the morning as Conroy and Phillip are on duty. Conroy notices something amiss with the crates.

Later in the day, as the 4th of July festivities begin, CoCo, Rook, Conroy, and Magni are on duty. Lt. Briggs is commanding. Everyone else, including all the security guards and researchers are outside enjoying the BBQ.

Conroy decides to investigate the strange crates in the loading bay. He opens up one of the crates to find a live elf who is armed with an assault rifle. With the help of CoCo, Conroy subdues the elf after interrogating him. The team learns that the elf belongs to a shadowrunner team sent to infiltrate the Unlimitech facility and that inside the other crates are his teammates.

Conroy places heavy boxes on top of the remaining crates to prevent them from opening.

All this happens while Magni is distracting Lt. Briggs in the control room with an athletic jig.

Scene 7: Unlimitech Control Room. The Collective’s plan is put into action. Rook, CoCo, and Magni assault Lt. Briggs in the control room. Briggs reacts quickly and knocks out CoCo with a swift, but devastating hit. Briggs is a lot stronger than he appears. Briggs then turns his attention to Magni and hits him, but Magni is able to absorb the blow.

It takes three well aimed Colt M23 bursts from Rook to put down Briggs. Good thing the assault rifle was loaded with armor piercing ammo because Briggs was an insect spirit.

Conroy retrieves a stimpatch from the medical supplies and revivies CoCo.

Scene 8: Unlimitech basement and sub-basement. With Magni’s help opening the doors, CoCo and Daytona enter the basement and sub-basement, pilfering as much data as they can. CoCo is able to pick the lock to Dr. Bliss’s office and they grab data chips from her desk.

With Daytona’s encouragement, the Collective decide to free Dustoo and Zulu from their cells. Felix decides to leave Strycnine behind.

As the Collective regroup and decide on their next course of action, a loud explosion is heard from the direction of the loading bay.

Karma Gain:
Notoriety gain:
Faction changes:
Contacts gained:
Other Items gained: Felix got some bug spray, Felix got some grenades, Zer0 crafted a Scratch-Built Junk RCC, a copy of Dr. Taylor’s notebook with all his passcodes, Mellora got a Colt M23 with AP ammo.
Items lost:


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