Tag: Elf


  • Ehran The Scribe

    Former member of the Tir Council of Princes. Currently head of the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research. Ehran The Scribe is a world renown scholar.

  • Alyss

    Alyss listed "interpreter" as her job on Denver's public tax records.

  • Brandeen Mettlinger

    Has a baby named Cody Mettlinger. She and the baby were the target of the late-night raid on a Denver Stuffer Shack. Fellow late-night shoppers intervened, and the raid failed. [[:stooby | Stooby]], [[:fornis | Fornis]], and [[:crank | Crank]] were …

  • Boomer Harrison

    Likes to brag about how he was born and bred for Knight Errant stardom. He often talks about how close he came to being squad leader. He has quickly befriended Donny Lee Jenkins and Gamjee Ganders. Felix and Mellora found PEDs, itching powder, and …