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  • Gary Cline

    Ex Sim-star [[File:487835 | class=media-item-align-none | Gary_Cline_2.jpg]] Anti-Horizon propaganda

  • Miguel Sanchez

    A child of the warrens. Recruited by the Mafia after Miguel's cousin married into the Casquilho family. Kind of dumb, but loyal to the Family. Always seems to have granola bars in his pockets.

  • Juanita Iglala

    Former President pro-tem of the PCC sector. Former PCC representative on the Council of Denver. Member of the Kachina Society.

  • Donny Lee Jenkins

    He has pictures in his foot locker of his younger self already wearing the Knight Errant uniform. A bit of a bully. Bug spray, crusty socks, arrowheads and a survival guide was found in his foot locker.