Tag: Recruit


  • Boomer Harrison

    Likes to brag about how he was born and bred for Knight Errant stardom. He often talks about how close he came to being squad leader. He has quickly befriended Donny Lee Jenkins and Gamjee Ganders. Felix and Mellora found PEDs, itching powder, and …

  • Donny Lee Jenkins

    He has pictures in his foot locker of his younger self already wearing the Knight Errant uniform. A bit of a bully. Bug spray, crusty socks, arrowheads and a survival guide was found in his foot locker.

  • Tom Brady Jindal

    Tom Brady Jindal has a thick Indian accent. He’s clearly new to America. When asked why his name is Tom Brady, he said he searched for “The greatest American patriot of all time” and "Tom Brady" was the clear answer. So he changed his name to Tom Brady …

  • Duc Tran

    Duc Tran is not from America and has a thick southeast asian accent. He comes off a bit cynical. He has fantastic impersonation skills. Toothpicks, lighters, bottle of hot sauce, and a mug labled "father of the year" were found in his foot locker.

  • Snooch Perkins

    Snooch Perkins is friendly and easy going. This “dude bro” finds the gnarly waves here in Detroit the saddest things he’s ever seen. Admits his dad tricked him into joining Knight Errant. This is totally not what he expected. Items found in his …

  • Jimmy Pike

    Jimmy Pike is undersized and looks to be about 16. Whatever lifestyle he had previously couldn’t have been much better than a squatter. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in energy. He seems to have a bottomless pit for a stomach during chow time. …

  • Carly Vuitton

    Valley girl who has had a bit of a sheltered upbringing. Items found in Carly's foot locker include an engraved bracelet, a portable music player with headphones, condoms, ziplock bag with her hair, breath mints, diary, pocket mirror, tiara, and pom …

  • Zulu Sands

    Failed to graduate Knight Errant Academy in Detroit due to his drug addictions. Currently an involuntary test subject at the secret Unlimitech Facility in Chicago.