Rocky Mountain Post Headlines

January 2072, Week 1

  • Aurora Village Sports Medical Center already busy welcoming athletes and doctors from around the world in preparation for the Olympics.
  • Citizens of previous Ute nation celebrate having their PCC shares mature, giving them voting rights.
  • Chief of Police Alice Bujold is happy to report that public drunkenness was at an all-time low for ushering in a New Year thanks to new awareness measures.
  • Traffic on mountain roads halted due to freak thunderstorms and blizzards.

January 2072, Week 2

  • Denver transportation officials are confident that expansions to public transportation will be able to handle the influx of visitors for the Olympics.
  • Citizen of the previous Ute Nation put into motion the reinstatement of Aztechnology’s business license in the PCC
  • Puebsec still working hard on finding out who was behind the hijacking of a shipment of 500 defiance Shotguns.

January 2072, Week 3

  • Sales of household drones are booming as the Technomancer scare has died down. To insure the safety of your family, purchase the latest models that have updated hardware making them impossible to hack.
  • The HM-HVV virus has mutated. Please see your nearest approved medical care facility to receive the latest vaccine shot to protect yourself from the new Kreiger strain.
  • Traffic delays in the Hub caused by a march of Pro-Aztlan protesters. The obstructionist protesters have been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

January 2072, Week 4

  • Denver’s sports extravaganza is set to kick off with the Super Bowl this week. Denver local band, Blitzkrieg is set to play the half-time show.
  • Knight Errant Police Chief, Alice Bujold promises the grieving CAS community that she would not rest until the perpetrator(s) behind the death of Catherine Westmore is brought to justice.
  • CEO of Xeverus Cosmetics Research Inc, Margaret Xeverus is killed in a car bomb attack. Earthfirst! claims responsibility, citing the crimes Xeverus has done against mother nature.
  • Defiance shotgun violence continues! Six additional assaults and armed robberies in the last 48 hours have been attributable to these weapons. Click for more on Defiance violence

February 2072, Week 1

  • Denver is alive at the start of the sporting festivities. Tourists are everywhere. Cost of Rent is at an all-time high.
  • Law enforcement has traced the cause of the strange weather to 6 Olympic athletes performing magical rituals and other magical cheats in preparation for the Olympics.
  • Linguistics translation programs made available courtesy of Horizon America for free to all citizens and visitors of Denver. Licenses will last from the beginning of the Winter Olympics to the end of the Summer Olympics.
  • MetalStorm acquires RMD property to fulfill new PuebSec contract. Click for more on RMD sale

February 2072, Week 2

  • The Winter Olympic Games were peacefully and joyously opened by Nicolas Whitebird in front of over 100,000 attendees at Broncomania Statdium. Click for more on the Olympic Games
  • Hopi all over Denver are observing the Powamu Festival, paying their respects to their Kachina ancestral spirits. Former member of the council of Denver, Juanita Iglala, invites all the citizens of Denver to the bean sprout feast after the Nine Kivas dance. Click for more on the Powamu Festival
  • Valentine’s day is almost here! Show her you love her with a gift from Brilliance or Zoe de Paris.

February 2072, Week 3

  • Laker’s All-Star Center, Miko Nabuto, in Denver for the NBA All-Star game is amazed by the Olympic festivities. The events have inspired him to make a large donation to the local Slippers-N-Sliders ski club to help introduce inner-city youth to the joys of skiing. Click for more on Miko Nabuto
  • Here comes the Year of The Dragon! Ring in the Lunar New Year at Happy Canyon Shopping Mall. Festivities are planned throughout the two-week celebration.
  • In a hail of gunfire, Alesandro Ibanez‘s Justice Squad spectacularly destroyed Earthfirst’s compound leaving no survivors. EarthFirst! had previously admitted to murdering Alesandro’s wife, Margaret Xeverus in a brutal terrorist attack.

February 2072, Week 4

  • Two more bodies have turned up in the UCAS Sector in what looks to be the work of serial killer, Charlie Wire. Lone Star is offering a reward for any information that leads to the capture of the murderer.
  • Knight Errant CEO, Roger Soaring-Owl, unexpectedly resigns his position. Mr. Soaring-Owl plans to return to his Sioux Nation homeland to pursue consulting work.
  • International fugitive Nikolai Kirilov has been captured by Lone Star Security Services in the UCAS Sector and has been extradited to the Russian Government. Click for more info on Nikolai Kirilov
  • New investigation of Dunkelzahn assassination reveals irregularities. Click for more info on Denkelzahn assassination

March 2072, Week 1

  • Explosion rocks popular Chinatown nightclub. Click for more on Klub Karma explosion
  • Rallies are held throughout Denver right before the upcoming Super Tuesday primaries in the CAS and UCAS sector for those with dual citizenships wanting to make a difference in the upcoming Presidential elections.
  • See footage of CAS Council memberJohann Castle caught drunk after a night of partying with well-known socialite Alyss.

Rocky Mountain Post Headlines

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